Women In The Black New York Inc. is a Harlem based entrepreneurial organization created for the purpose of educating, training and supporting women business owners.  Women In The Black is committed to educating and equipping women with the skills and resources necessary to start, build, lead and grow successful small businesses in their communities, primarily in the New York metropolitan area.

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Please e-mail us the following: A video (no more than 2 minute describe your business and how you would plan to use the funding, to the e-mail below & a photo of your product to womenintheblack@aol.com. Fill out the application below.  Winner receives a up to $1500 Grant from Women In The Black to use towards their business .Must be 18 years old.

  • Have a business at least one years old

  • Valid tax ID number

  • Business checking account

These points must be covered in your presentation.

  • Full name

  • Company name

  • Type of business or services offered

  • Where is your business located

  • Your annual sales

  • How long have you been in business

  • Product pitch

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